Makana Connect '16
CSO Profiling Magazine


Eastern Cape Communication Forum


Branding, Design & Layout, Graphic Design


December, 2016

The ECCF comissioned RAO - Inspired Designs to develop and design the Makana Connect ‘16. This coffee table magazine, profiles the work of CSO’s within the Makana Area. Through this annual publication that profiles the important work of CSO’s in the Makana area, the ECCF hopes to act as a window on the world, teaching the community about the work of CSOs in Makana and the relationship with and responsibilities towards them. The ECCF hopes to spark, collaborations amongst CSOs, greater public participation as well as community engagement amongst citizens. Considering that there are a lot of CSO’s working in the Makana area and it’s not an easy task to get hold of all of them, kindly contact the ECCF so that your CSO can be profiled in the next edition. To find out more or request a copy, visit the ECCF website.

Disclaimer: Primary text by ECCF Executive Director Chengetai Chikadaya

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