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November 11th, 2016

The ECCF comissioned RAO - Inspired Designs to develop and design the Rape Culture & Safety Photojournal. The issue of Rape and Rape culture is one topic where residents in Grahamstown - both students and community members alike, have expressed the need to raise their voices unfiltered. Responding to this need, the ECCF has engaged Grahamstown residents about Safety, Rape and Rape Culture. After conducting a series of non-journalistic, non-academic and un-edited interviews accompanied by vocal images to produce a PhotoVoice Journal on Safety and Rape Culture. The Journal is accompanied by a series of dialogues on Rape and Rape Culture as well as an exhibition, all within the Grahamstown community. To find out more, visit the ECCF website.

***Disclaimer: Please note that the thoughts and opinions expressed in this document are those of the interviewees and in no way reflect the opinions of the Eastern Cape Communication Forum.

***Trigger Warning: Please note that some of the thoughts expressed in this document may affect sensitive readers negatively.

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