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November 26th, 2016

Equal Education (EE) comissioned RAO - Inspired Designs to develop and design develop the Equal Education Event poster held on the 29th of November 2016; in King Williams Town, Eastern Cape. This was done to commemorate, the then published legally binding Norms and Standards for School Infrastructure in 2013. For the first time ever it was now the law that every school must have water, electricity, internet, working toilets, safe classrooms with a maximum of 40 learners, security, and thereafter libraries, laboratories and sports facilities. The deadline to achieve these minimum norms and standards was given and the state had failed to meet this deadline.

Against this background, Equal Education, in partnership with The Eastern Cape Communication Forum (ECCF) and Public Service Accountability Monitor (PSAM) developed a PhotoVoice Exhibition and dialogue to reflect and discuss the state of Eastern Cape School Infrastructure. The exhibition profiled expository images captured by Equal Education Equalizers - young and passionate education activists. The images successfully encapsulate the horrendous conditions under which they are expected to learn. Broken desks and windows, mud classrooms and overcrowded classrooms are the norm for many Eastern Cape learners. The exhibition was followed by an open community dialogue.

To find out more, visit the Equal Education website.

***Disclaimer: Primary Save the Date text by ECCF Executive Director Chengetai Chikadaya

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